Deathloop leads the charge on PS Plus Premium and Extra for September

Arkane Lyon is looking to continue the party in Blackreef by bringing Deathloop to PS Plus Premium and Extra in September and we cannot wait

Deathloop PS Plus: Julienne screams as she fires two SMGs

It’s not often these days that the monthly line-up of subscription services catches your eyes, but September’s PS Plus offerings is looking to shake things up. This month, those with access to the Extra and Premium tiers will be able to download and play our Game of the Year from last year, Deathloop.

This is the first time that Arkane Lyon’s first-person shooter has ventured onto the service following its timed exclusivity deal and what better time for it? Deathloop will have been out for a year by the time it drops on the platform (September 20) and it’s a fantastic offering for those of you that never had a chance to play it the first time around.

Of course, Deathloop isn’t the only game joining the service in September, but it’s arguably the biggest – especially since it sits so high on our best PS5 games list.

Still, it’s in good company. Assassin’s Creed Origins, Watch Dogs 2, and Rayman Legends are just some of few titles joining the line-up this time around. You can see the full PS Plus Extra and Premium September offerings right here if you’re interested.

There are also a lot of classics, if that’s more your thing. Syphon Filter 2, The Sly Collection, and Toy Story 3 will all be available to play in between your trips to Blackreef.