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Save $70 on this Thrustmaster T150 RS racing wheel for PS4 and PS5

Here's a great deal on the Thrustmaster T150 racing wheel

A blue an black racing wheel controller mounted on a wooden desk

If you love a good racing game, there’s only one way to get a more immersive experience – put down that controller, and get your hands on a racing wheel and pedals. These affordable racing rigs allow you to precisely navigate racetracks and stomp your foot to the metal (or carpet, most likely) for that true racing feel.

We’ve unearthed a belter of a deal for US readers for a racing rig that is compatible with PS4, PS5, and PC – the Thrustmaster T150 RS. This steering wheel controller and pedals set is currently up on Amazon for a discount of 35%, saving you $70 on the original price.

While the discount alone is an incentive, you really might want to act fast on this deal, with Thrustmaster announcing a few weeks ago that its products would soon be getting a price hike across the board. Essentially, if you’re considering getting a racing wheel for your setup, then get ‘em while they’re cheap!

While there is sadly no massive discount to be had for UK readers (just a tenner off the original price, we’re afraid) the sentiment still applies – get in before that price hike.

Check out the deals for your region below.

Whether it be setting blistering lap times on F1 2021 or for sliding around the loose stuff on DIRT 5, this Thrustmaster racing wheel will certainly enhance your experience.