Dead Island 2 voice actors – full cast detailed

If you're after the Dead Island 2 voice actors and full cast list, then look no further. Here's everyone in Dambuster Studios' zombie game sequel.

Dead Island 2 voice actors: a man wearing sunglasses

Who are the Dead Island 2 voice actors? Deep Silver’s Dambuster Studios has put together a mighty cast of zombie slayers, and even the zombies that you’ll be splattering across Los Angeles themselves have been fully voiced.

So if you’re looking for the tones behind the Dead Island 2 characters, as well as the grunts and groans behind all of the Dead Island 2 zombie types, then be sure to read on. By the time the Dead Island 2 release date rolls round, you’ll be an aficionado on all cast-related trivia.

Dead Island 2 voice actors

The Dead Island 2 voice actors and full cast list that we know of so far are:

  • Skye Bennett – Amy
  • Michelle Fox – Dani
  • Okezie Morro – Jacob
  • Ronan Summers – Ryan

It should be noted that only some of the six playable characters have had their voice actors revealed at this point. Perhaps the most notable of the eclectic mix we see from a gaming perspective is Skye Bennett, who Xenoblade fans will know as the English voice actor for Pyra and Mythra. With that said, most have featured in videogames before.

That’s all we have on the Dead Island 2 voice actors for now, and we can’t wait to hear what they bring to the table when it finally arrives. Be sure to check back closer to launch day to find out the voices behind the rest of the cast.