Dead Island 2 rises from the dead with brutal new gameplay trailer

Dead Island 2 gameplay has been revealed during Gamescom's Opening Night Live, and it shows all the slicing, stomping, and impaling fans would expect

Dead Island 2 gameplay: A man in sunglasses and covered in blood smiles

If you hadn’t already guessed from the copious leaks, widespread reports from insiders, and even Amazon listing the game early, Dead Island 2 is still a thing. Eight – yes, eight – years on from its initial (and excellent) reveal trailer at E3 2014, we’ve finally got another look at Dead Island 2.

The wait for Dead Island 2 news has been so long that even the upcoming Goat Simulator 3 took a jab at it with its Summer Game Fest trailer. But now that Deep Silver has finally shown us more, what have we learned about the next instalment in the zombie-bashing series?

Well, first of all, we actually have a Dead Island 2 release date now. The game will be release on old-gen and current-gen consoles, PC, and Stadia in February 2023, so that eight-year wait will be over relatively soon.

We also learned that Dead Island 2 will have six playable characters, and that it’s been “built from the ground up” by Dambuster Studios after it took the reigns of the game.

On top of all that, we were also treated to some gloriously gory gameplay, which shows that Dead Island 2 will certainly have the essence of the previous games in the series.

Nothing stood out as being too revolutionary in comparison to the old Dead Islands, aside from it looking pretty sharp, graphics wise.

Nevertheless, fans of the series will be happy enough just knowing this game exists given its rather long period of silence.