Dead Island 2 characters – all confirmed playable Slayers

Here are all the Dead Island 2 characters currently confirmed to be coming to Deep Silver's upcoming, zombie-riddled, action role-playing game

Dead Island 2 characters: Jacob on a pool lounger

Dead Island 2 quickly became one of 2023’s most-anticipated action role-playing games when it was re-revealed at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live back in August 2022. While we got to see plenty of zombies in the trailer shown, little was revealed about the Dead Island 2 characters outside of cover star Jacob.

What we do know, thanks to the Amazon listing for Dead Island 2’s ‘Day One Edition’, is that developer Deep Silver’s upcoming title will have six playable characters, “each with their own unique personality and dialogues.”

Additionally, each Slayer has fully-customisable abilities, with a brand new skill system offering players the ability to instantly re-spec, and “try out the craziest builds.” But which Dead Island 2 characters will be available to you when the Dead Island 2 release date finally arrives? Read on to find out.

Dead Island 2 characters

Here are all the Dead Island 2 characters that have been confirmed so far:

Dead Island 2 characters: Jacob


The star of the Dead Island 2 Gamescom trailer, Jacob clearly has a hankering for all sorts of pills, potions, and, most importantly, potato chips. When not kicking back and taking it easy, Jacob is out on the streets clearing out the locals – and he certainly has some pretty slick weaponry to help him out.

Jacob packs a nail-encrusted rifle, which can be used as either a bolt-action weapon at range, or a brutal club up close. Judging from the trailer, he also likes to take his trusty katana for a spin when he feels something fancier is necessary for the job.

And that’s all the Dead Island 2 characters that we have information on so far. Be sure to check back as we drag our zombie-fied bodies closer and closer to the game’s launch date, as we’re sure there’ll be plenty of updates on the way between now and then.