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Dead by Daylight hits 50 million players after Ringu update

Multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight has now had 50 millions players after recently released Ringu update introduces Japanese horror icon Sadako

Dead by daylight 50 million players ringu update

It’s been six years since release, but Dead by Daylight has consistently been updated and worked on by its developer Behaviour interactive. The latest of these being the Sadako update, which brings creepy Japanese Ringu characters Sadako and Yoichi to pixelated life in videogame form. And a recent announcement suggests that the game’s popularity is stronger than ever.

In a tweet from the official Dead by Daylight Twitter account, the developers state that the multiplayer horror game has now reached a player base of over 50 million. “Thank you to all our players, we hope to see you in the fog!” reads the tweet.

Dead by Daylight has become so popular that it’s now expanding its franchise with a board game. And in a recent interview with The Loadout, Dead by Daylight’s creative director, David Richard, said that the team plans to bring even more original and licenced content to the game in the future.

Richard also stated there were no plans for a Dead by Daylight sequel, which leads us to believe that they will be putting all their efforts into the current iteration of the game by delivering future updates to the current platforms.

The game still sees approximately 50,000 players a month on Steam alone, and has collaborated with some of horror’s biggest hitting franchises, like Hellraiser, Resident Evil, and Saw. So, we’ll be keeping an eye on what comes next from the Montreal-based studio.

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