Summit1g trolled with Christmas trees after DayZ rant

He complained that there were too many trees in the forest

A few days ago Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar complained about the trees in DayZ, and the internet does what it does best: trolled him. Following his tree related rant, modders added an abundance of Christmas trees into the game, with the firs literally raining down on Summit1g’s character while he took a mini streaming break.

Summit1g had once been a regular player on the DayZ scene, but until his very recent return, had spent several years away from the game. Upon his return, he immediately criticised the trees, tweeting “DayZ needs to remove 50% of their trees and 80% of the Christmas trees,” doubling down on his criticism as people defended the forest’s density and realism.

Some were unhappy that Summit1g immediately began suggesting changes in a game he had barely started playing again, especially as someone of this stature in the streaming scene is more likely to be listened to than the average schmuck.

Summit1g was not put off by these criticisms, even telling one detractor “Lol you’re so cool for playing one game.” Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek hopped in the conversation too, telling Summit1g “more maps is the solution,” but Summit1g would not be swayed.

While Summit1g might have been on the defensive when people called out his criticisms, he did at least see the funny side when modders got their own back.

Summit1g initially thought it might have been the devs playing a trick on him, but eventually discovered it was one of the mods of his server. “What the fuck, man,” Summit1g laughed as he saw the trees strewn everywhere after his break. “That’s gold, right there. How do you even do that?”