CS:GO update will help you throw better smokes on Vertigo

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve wants to make it easier for players to learn smoke throws in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so the developer has added some marks on Vertigo to help with that. Players have noticed that orange targets have been painted on the floor and walls of Vertigo to help players land a popular mid boost smoke following the game’s latest update.

The clip, which has been widely shared on Reddit, shows the location of the targets, which can be found in T-spawn. They allow a player to pull off the smoke onto mid window with perfect precision, giving the T-side some assurances that another angle has been taken out before pushing onto B site.

But this small feature has been met with mixed reactions. Some argue that the addition of these targets makes the game more accessible to casual players, while others argue that it has removed an important skill from the armoury of dedicated players.

Whatever your opinion might be on the smoke guides, it shows that Valve is thinking outside of the box.

CSGO devs literally put in dots for a boost smoke for the new vertigo from r/GlobalOffensive

The smoke guides only form a small part of the game’s update though. Vertigo has been extensively changed, with parts of both A and B site reworked. On A site, forklift has been removed, an additional passageway to the scaffolding on A ramp has been added, the gap between the wooden fence and the crane has been removed, among other changes. Elsewhere, squeaky door into mid has been removed, the entrance to B site has been widened from CT spawn, and you won’t be able to get onto certain parts of the outer walkway around B site.

As this is a post-major update, many believe these changes have been led by the professional players experience on the map. It seems that despite calls for the map to be removed from the competitive match pool and replaced with Cobblestone or Cache, Valve is intent on making it work.

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