CS:GO players unanimously voted against having a Dota 2 style International

Valve wanted to give Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the Dota 2 treatment.

ESL One Cologne

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players “unanimously” rejected the chance to have their own version of The International, according to prominent caster Jason ‘Moses’ O’Toole.

It’s easy to assume that Valve doesn’t care about its first-person shooter, but it appears that early on in the game’s development, there was a chance to replicate Dota 2’s biggest esport tournament for CS:GO according to Moses, who spoke to Starcraft 2 caster Nick ‘Tasteless’ Prott on The Tasteless Podcast. But it was an idea that was rejected by both the players and the scene’s bigwigs at the time.

“I know we’ve had a couple of conversations with them [Valve], especially earlier on Counter-Strike,” Moses says. “We were asked if we wanted an International. Pretty much unanimously the pros and the people involved in CS esports said ‘no.’

“Who knows that could have been a mistake. They do things pretty differently [for CS:GO and Dota 2]. We have different ecosystems, different people working on the games, and different philosophies.”

Given that The International currently boasts the biggest prize pool in esports history, it might be difficult for some to understand why the concept of a CS:GO TI was quickly discarded by the players. Well, as Moses quite rightly points out, the competitive calendar for CS:GO is a bit of a mess. With numerous tournament organisers operating in the scene, a TI-style tournament would make an already cumbersome structure even more complicated.

Additionally there are some claiming that The International’s prize pool is damaging the Dota 2 scene. Given how much players travel to compete in tournaments currently, a TI-style event might not work in their favour, and for some, events like ESL Cologne or IEM Katowice fill that need for a special tournament anyway.