HenryG claims Starladder is the “worst offender” for not paying CS:GO talent

A number of broadcasters have outstanding payments.

Berlin Major Talent

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer has called Starladder the “worst offenders” for paying broadcasters on time, according to a new report from Dexerto.

The news follows a number of tweets from broadcasters such as HenryG and James ‘BanKs’ Banks, who have all threatened to expose tournament organisers for outstanding payments in recent weeks. However, HenryG, who was named Caster of the Year at the Esports Awards 2019, says a number of notable broadcasters are still awaiting payment for the recent Starladder Berlin Major, but many worry about calling them out for fear of reprisal.

“From the outside you would assume that everything is just peachy within the esports ecosystem and it’s smiles all round. Sadly, if you take a look under the hood it reveals a grim outlook for everyone involved who isn’t directly on the payroll of the tournament organizers,” HenryG tells Dexerto.

“If you’re a freelancer, and I can only comment on broadcast talent regarding this, working with Starladder means unfortunately you will have to pull out all the stops, commit to their events, deliver a world-class show only to be paid when they feel like it, which is usually about 3-4 months after the show at best.

“They are by far the worst offenders when it comes to this sort of thing.”

The caster says he will not work with Starladder again until they’ve paid him – and the rest of his colleagues – for what they are owed. However, Starladder say all talent have been paid in line with its three month clause, and that HenryG’s payment has been delayed due to a problem with his bank.

A spokesman from Starladder says: “We consider the entire cycle of StarLadder Major Berlin 2019, from Minors to the Grand Final, as one project. And talents are being paid in one transaction for all stages of the tournament. Usually, when we collaborate with talents all payments are made within 45-90 days from the date of the project completion. It’s been our understanding with talents for years. This is due to the fact that all tournament organizers receive sponsorships and other payments within 3-6 months after a tournament is over.

“As we all know, the Berlin Major ended on September 8. Most of the payments towards talents were completed in November, 2 months after the Major.

“The last payments, to Spunj and Machine, were made at the beginning of this week. So, as per usual, we’ve paid in full within three months after the end of the project.

“The transfer for HenryG was sent on November 8, but unfortunately, there was a delay in a correspondent bank. HenryG was aware of this situation, we provided all the documents confirming the payment, and also asked him to contact the bank and provide these documents in order to expedite a resolution to his situation. As for us, we are doing our best to help HenryG to resolve a problem as quickly as possible.

“There are no outstanding payments to talents for StarSeries tournaments (except for season 8, which ended on October 27).”