Pokimane calls CS:GO cases “a scam,” immediately gets her favourite skin

Lord Gaben was feeling generous to the Twitch star


It’s been a pretty good couple of weeks for Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys. Not only has she just signed a new multi-year streaming deal with Twitch, but she also seems to have got the CS:GO gods on her side after an insane stroke of luck opening Shattered Web cases.

The streamer – who is one of Twitch’s biggest stars with just shy of 4,000,000 followers – was cracking open some cases to celebrate her sixth anniversary as a Twitch partner when she started to become frustrated that she hadn’t yet pulled the one weapon skin she desperately wanted from the Shattered Web collection: The Tec-9 Decimator. She then began to call the cases “a scam” before stating that she’s “never going to buy a Shattered Web case ever again” if she doesn’t get her beloved Decimator.

“I’m never going to buy a Shattered Web case ever again, because ya’ll know this is the only skin I want from it,” Pokimane says, highlighting the Tec-9 variant. “Is it gonna give me that skin? No.”

She then proceeds to open up another case which, of course, lands on the Decimator. A stunned Pokimane puts her hands to her face and squeaks with joy. “Gaben’s watching dude, he’s watching!” she exclaims.

She then tells her chat that Shattered Web is “so worth it” and definitely “not a scam.”

Not only did she get the skin she wanted, she also got it as a StatTrak in what appeared to be Factory New condition. While this skin is only going for around $40-50 on the skin market, the spooky coincidence that she got her favourite skin straight after saying the cases were a scam was pretty amazing.

Pokimane’s awesome pull was being watched by around 16,000 viewers at the time, according to metrics from Twitch Tracker.