A CS:GO caster wants Valve to give map makers the “attention they deserve”


Designing a map for any game, whether that’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Call of Duty, takes up a copious amount of time, but one CS:GO caster wants to make sure established and upcoming creators get the attention they deserve. Harry ‘JustHarry’ Russell described the map making community in CS:GO as “incredible” and called on Valve to do more to showcase their work.

If you delve into the depths of the Steam Workshop, the work of countless creators seems to seep out of the page, and it’s only right that we celebrate their hard work and determination by putting these maps into the game properly. JustHarry, who has lent his voice to some of the biggest games at the StarLadder Major in Berlin and countless Intel Extreme Masters events, believes some of these maps should be added to the Scrimmage mode to both reward and entice their creators.

“The map making community in CSGO is incredible and most of the maps never get a tenth of the attention they deserve,” the caster tweets. “It’s a gold mine that feels like it’s not taken advantage of nearly enough.”

CS:GO Scrimmage mode, which was introduced on July 31, is an unranked matchmaking mode that allows players to practice on certain maps. Currently only Mirage, Cache and Seaside are available in the mode, but JustHarry wants Valve to use it as a testing ground for new maps developed by the community.

The idea received mixed feedback on both Twitter and Reddit. Some players argued that this would allow Valve to freshen up the map pool and add a competitive rotation to the map pool, as well as allow players a new environment to test out new metas and tactics in new environments, while others argue that it would lead to longer matchmaking times and a split playerbase.

With Vertigo constantly being updated patch after patch, Valve appears to be committed to adding depth to the pre-existing map pool. JustHarry’s idea would not only add to that narrative, but also allow community designers to get real feedback about their work.

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