Gamer recovers their hacked Steam account and discovers loads of CS:GO skins

The value of the inventory is likely in the hundreds of dollars

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A gamer who recovered his Steam account after a year of inactivity logged in to CS:GO to find a tasty inventory of items and discovered that he was now Legendary Eagle Master rank, despite never previously playing the game.

Reddit user ‘ThrowStoryAwayTime’ posted a screenshot of their account to show the stacked inventory and impressive ranking, despite admitting that they’d never played CS:GO in their life. They revealed that the Steam account, which they hadn’t attempted to access for over twelve months, had been taken over by a Russian who had changed all their details and had the Russian flag “plastered everywhere.” They noticed that the hacker had been playing Counter Strike after receiving invitations from other Russian gamers, so decided to download CS:GO to see what they had been up to.

In the months the hacker had the account, they had amassed “1000+ hours” of playtime and managed to hit Legendary Eagle Master rank, the third highest tier in ranked play. The hacker had also built up a stacked inventory, which includes a Scorched flip knife skin worth in the region of $80-100.

Despite the inconvenience of having to recover their Steam account, ThrowStoryAwayTime took a lighthearted approach to the situation, saying: “Hope the guy had fun with the account at least.”

Steam account hacked – 1 year later from r/Steam

They also joked that they wouldn’t be attempting to pick up CS:GO at this ridiculously high rank.

“Not going to ruin anyone’s game by queuing up,” they said. “I’ll just leave it as is as a funny reminder to a funny story.”

Although an exact figure of how much all the hacker’s inventory is worth wasn’t posted, it’s almost certainly in the hundreds of dollars. A pretty nice surprise to find in an old Steam account if you ask us.