Operation Shattered Web helps CS:GO record its highest average player count

It's not quite broken the peak player count, though.

CSGO FBI on Nuke

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has had plenty of updates in the last few weeks, and it seems Operation Shattered Web has helped the game hit its highest average player count in its ten-year history.

According to Steam Charts, a website that records playing data about games on the platform, CS:GO has seen a resurgence in the last 30 days, hitting an average player count of 426,080.8 in November, beating last month’s count by 4%.

The FPS also hit its highest peak player count for a while this month with 758,412 players. It still doesn’t beat April 2016’s count of 850,000 peak players, according to Dot Esports, but it does beat the last peak of 746,548 players in December 2018, when the Danger Zone battle royale mode was added to the game.

Given that Operation Shattered Web is the game’s first operation in nearly three years, and that its update brought loads of new cosmetics, challenges, and weapon changes, it’s not surprising to see more people logging back in to give the shooter a go.

Combine that with the fact CS:GO is now free-to-play, and it’s getting some much needed love from Valve, it appears that the game will soar to new heights in the new year.