Pimp officially retires as a CS:GO pro to focus on content creation

CS:GO AWPing on Aztec

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Jacob ‘Pimp’ Winneche has officially announced his retirement from CS:GO via Twitter, revealing that he will be moving into full-time CS:GO content creation rather than competitive play.

It’s been two years since Pimp last competed, and has been working more as a CS:GO analyst in the past couple of years. He still plans to retain his work on the analytical side of the game, but has now drawn a firm line under his competitive career, moving on for good.

Pimp stresses in his statement that the decision had nothing to do with his feelings towards CS:GO, and that in fact he would be able to “dedicate even more time to CS: GO!” Instead, Pimp points to the excess travel of his current role (240 days on the road last year), and says the pandemic had forced him to “reinvent himself,” something he’ll look to do as he pivots towards content creation and turns his back on the possibility of rejoining the pro scene.

Pimp says in his statement that the travelling he did in 2019 “lacked the feeling of a safe base, something I cherish and value a lot,” adding that “When I work an event, I want it to feel special. I want to bring a somewhat unique take on the matches. That I’ll hopefully be able to now.”

It remains to be seen exactly what form this content creation will take, though it was clear that analysis will still form a huge part of Pimp’s work.

Pimp writes in his statement that he’s “always liked” streaming on and off since joining Liquid, but the lack of events recently allowed him to go “ALL IN!”

This meant 50 days of consecutive streaming, while simultaneously working as an analyst for Dreamhack and Danish TV2. Pimp describes it as “crazy work hours,” but because he “enjoyed it so much,” he decided to make the leap into doing it full time, leaving pro play behind.

This might not feel like much of a revelation, given the length of time since Pimp’s last professional match, but hopefully the official announcement will help Pimp get a handle on where exactly he wants to go next.