CS:GO players will be muted automatically if they abuse text and voice chat

Valve hopes to better the matchmaking experience through the report-driven system

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

There’s nothing quite like booting up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a quick match only to be flamed by one teammate the entire time. Well, Valve has heard your cries because it’s implementing a new penalty mute feature driven by reports.

Valve has added a number of settings in the past to help players counter communication abuse. Previously Valve added settings to allow streamers to block player names and profile pictures, but Valve is worried that these efforts have the “downside of squelching communication indiscriminately” according to a new blog post.

To counter this, Valve is working on a new default mute feature, which when fully deployed, will give players a warning if they receive more abuse reports than other players. If they ignore the feedback and continue to abuse the system and annoy others, Valve will automatically mute them for everyone else who plays with them.

The squealer will remain muted by default until they earn enough XP to remove the penalty, but other players can choose to unmute in-game if they please too.

The developer hopes that because the system is driven by reports, it will better the matchmaking system for all and ensure players are kept in check with a warning and penalty system when they step out of line.

Valve is accepting feedback on the feature though, so if you see it being abused or you’re happy with how it’s working, you can contact them here. Be nice.