Valve fixes m0NESY smoke bug during PGL Antwerp 2022

Valve has fixed a smoke grenade exploit that caused controversy during a match between G2 and Imperial at PGL Major Antwerp 2022 that allowed mONESY to dominate

monesy smoke bug pgl antwerp 2022 CT on mirage

A clip of G2 CS:GO player ‘m0NESY’ using a smoke grenade exploit in a to mow down players from the opposing team, Imperial, without them seeing him during a PGL Antwerp Major match went viral over the weekend, but thankfully Valve has been quick to patch out the shenanigans.

The CS:GO hotfix was released on May 15, and the patch notes simply read “Fixed a recently reported smoke bug.” The cause for such a prompt hotfix can be found in a short video clip that shows m0NESY rushing to the mid window position as a CT. He’s smoked off by the opposing team – a commonplace tactic – but he then surprisingly pulls out a smoke grenade of his own, uses an underhand throw, and glitches it in the wall near the window.

As the smoke pops, it leaves a small gap, from which m0NESY then takes out two Imperial team members who strafe out mid, thinking they are obscured from vision. The video uses spectator view to show the view from the Terrorist side, and from their point of view, the window is fully smoked out.

This kind of smoke is called a one-way smoke, and it allows the person near it, in this case m0NESY, to see through it, but those looking from the other side only see a wall of mist. Even though Valve fixed the problem promptly, it wasn’t prompt enough to stop members of Imperial getting their heads unfairly clicked.

The legacy FPS shooter is no stranger to bug and exploit controversy. The Antwerp Major recently saw bans after multiple coaches were found to be using spectator bugs that gave their teams unfair advantages, and it was only last month that the instant bomb detonation exploit returned.