McDonald’s is using CS:GO slang to sell burgers to Blast Pro Series fans

The burger joint wants to know if you're rushing B or going A long

CS:GO rush

McDonald’s is making the most of the influx of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans to Denmark by plastering advertisements for its burgers using CS:GO terms all over Fields Shopping Centre in Copenhagen.

The fast-food giant did something similar last year, as reported by our sister site PCGamesN, and it looks like the marketing ploy was so successful that they’ve brought it back to tie in with Blast Pro Series: Copenhagen, which kicks off later today.

The billboards were spotted by Redditor Lucky_riveR, and instead of referring to meal deals as full buys, McDonald’s has opted for a map, with the nearby Ørestad station as the spawn, Copenhagen Airport’s McDonald’s as A-site, and Copenhagen Central Station’s McDonald’s as B-site. Rushing B will take you to the capital’s bustling central station restaurant, while Long A will take you back to the airport – presumably when fans are flying home.

On another billboard, a burger on its side has been dubbed shoulder peek, a flat burger bun is known as long, a chocolate sundae as a cooldown, and two cheeseburgers as boost.

Ninja Defuse in the middle of the night… from r/csgo

While you probably can’t stroll into your nearest burger joint and ask for a boost, it’s pretty cool to see such an endemic band support the world of esports, and do it in such a specific way.

And if that clever bit of marketing has made you hungry for action, you can catch all the action from Blast Pro Series: Copenhagen from 11AM PST (2PM EST/6PM GMT) today over on Twitch.