James Banks slams esports tournament organisers for not paying talent on time

He says he's going to have an "awful" Christmas if his outstanding payments don't come in.

James Banks

Another esports broadcaster has hit out at top esports tournament organisers for delaying payment to freelancers. James ‘BanKs’ Banks, a professional host, commentator, and interviewer, says his Christmas is going to “look bloody awful” if payments don’t come in soon.

BanKs, who’s hosted various Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Fortnite tournaments, took a risk  writing the 15-tweet thread as a freelancer, but says things need to change to give talent the security they need and deserve.

“Christmas is going to look bloody awful for my family if the TOs that hire me don’t start paying,” BanKs writes on Twitter. “5 months, 3 months, sometimes even 6+ months. I wonder how they would feel not being paid monthly… lucky I’m smart with money and keep multiple months rent but this is a piss take.

“I’m sick to death of worrying, I’m sick to death of chasing people, I’m sick of begging for money that I’ve worked for because they don’t want to pay… Imagine if we got paid before the work and then just didn’t turn up? They would never hire us again. Something has to change.”

It’s hard to tell who BanKs is targeting with his tweets, but he did clarify that his anger is not directed towards ESL or Dreamhack. In fact, representatives from both companies reached out after his rant to check if he was owed anything.

However, as HenryG’s recent “esports nukes” rant shows, a number of esports broadcasters are dealing with problems relating to tournament organisers and more needs to be done to protect their rights.