HenryG calls out tournament organisers and warns he’ll drop more “esports nukes”

The CS:GO caster says it's impossible to have a life outside of work at the moment.

HenryG CS:GO caster

Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer, the recently crowned Esports Caster of the Year, has called out tournament organisers for keeping casters, analysts, and desk hosts “in the dark” about future tournament dates, and warned that he’ll continue to drop “esports nukes” until problems are solved.

The award-winning caster, whose dulcet tones have graced many a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, dropped the bombshell a day after his victory at the Esports Awards, suggesting that keeping broadcasters “under the thumb” prevents them from having normal lives outside of work.

“You know what is a *real* shame? The fact that TOs keep broadcasters under the thumb by keeping us in the dark regarding scheduling/event dates for 2020. Booking us last minute with no idea what’s on the horizon gives us no way to plan our lives outside work,” he writes on Twitter.

A number of other broadcasters have voiced their support, including Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez and Alex ‘Machine’ Richardson, who both say they have lost friends as a result. League of Legends caster Ceirnan ‘Excoundrel’ Lowe also says that due to being freelance and the short notice he’s often offered jobs, he feels like he can’t turn them down.

But that’s not all. HenryG says he’s set to release more “esports nukes” in the coming days to try and fix ongoing problems in the industry, one of which will be about late payments.

Regardless of what these bombshells may contain, good on HenryG for speaking out on persistent problems that continue to plague those who dedicate their time to growing the esports industry.