Fl0m pleads with ESL and Flashpoint to iron out CS:GO match conflicts

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

There’s no denying that the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene is at its most competitive yet, but players are still losing out on career-changing opportunities due to a lack of transparency between tournament organisers.

This weekend, the players from Recon 5 were forced to forfeit their map pick in a best of three series in the ESL NA Minor open qualifiers because they were still trying to close out their Flashpoint open qualifier. Although Recon 5 went on to record the win in the new FACEIT operated league, the team were never able to play their map against Mythic in the Minor qualifier.

Mythic’s Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom, whose team won the best of three series thanks to the map advantage, has called on the tournament organisers to stop with the “dick measuring contest” and work together to “figure this shit out.” The ex-professional believes the competitive scene needs both ESL and FACEIT to continue to provide opportunities for players, but in a better, more streamlined way.

“Regardless who wins or who is better, we need both of you to figure this shit out,” he tweets. “It is destroying the upcoming scene of the game you both [want] to be the king of. No team should have to pick between a major spot and a league that can change their lives.”

“Flashpoint may have made a mistake this time, but on the other side ESL has been here far longer and making these same conflicts in scheduling for actual years,” he adds on Reddit. “So before any of you try and twist what I’m saying to fit your message, please read this message and understand it’s just an overall plea for both to be better.”

Tournament organisers have access to a global scheduling spreadsheet, which allows dates for qualifiers and events to be booked in advance. Although Flashpoint changed its qualifier dates to minimise clashing with the Minor qualifiers, more clearly needs to be done by both organisers in the future.

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