North wants to become the “leading Scandinavian esports organisation”

The Danish organisation re-signs CS:GO player Kjaerbye and commits to Apex Legends

North logo

North has revealed it is aiming to become the “leading Scandinavian esports organisation” following a rebrand, which saw all of its social media pages purged of posts yesterday afternoon. The Danish esports organisation has re-signed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major winner Markus ‘kjaerbye’ Kjaerbye and added a performance team as part of this new mission.

The organisation, which fields a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and an Apex Legends team, as well as a number of FIFA players, confused fans when their usually active social media pages went dark yesterday. However, the pages have now been restored, and North has a new logo and a fresh mission – to be better at esports.

“We want to create a “why” to follow North, not just by doing what everyone else is doing,” Alex Pedersen, North’s CMO, says on the organisation’s website. “To be a top organisation globally, you have to play the long game; creating brands takes a certain amount of endurance and commitment. Creating something that makes people actively selecting us as their organisation to support; that’s what we want.”

To become that organisation, North has increased its spending significantly to “stay in esports for the long run” by hiring Christian Engell, a performance coach to some of the most successful athletes, like Kasper Schmeichel and William Kvist. The organisation has also re-signed 21-year-old Kjaerbye, who says North is his “perfect home.”

On top of that, North has confirmed that its Apex Legends team will compete for the $3 million put on the line by Respawn for the Apex Legends Global Series, but that isn’t the only thing.

North will also be looking to invest into other markets in the future. The organisation hasn’t said what esports titles it’s looking at just yet but it’s likely to be one of the biggest esports games out there. Watch this space.