Real Madrid’s Casemiro to debut esports team at DreamHack Masters Winter


Real Madrid star and Brazil international Carlos Henrique Casemiro is joining an increasingly long list of footballers who are founding their own esports teams. It’s called CaseEsports and it aims to make a massive impact in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the biggest esports games. The team will make its debut at DreamHack Masters Winter.

Casemiro’s CS:GO esports team is made up of five players, all of which have had previous professional experience. The team is made up of Denis ‘dzt’ Fischer and Paulo ‘land1n’ Felipe who were formerly of paiN Gaming and Tempo Storm, former Imperial player Felipe ‘delboNi’ Delboni, and former FURIA Academy players Yan ‘yepz’ Pedretti and Vinicius ‘n1ssim’ Pereria.

CaseEsports joins an ever-growing list of esports teams that have been started by footballers, namely Sergio Agüero’s KRÜ esports, Mezuit Ozil’s M10 Esports, Gareth Bale’s Ellevens, and Christian Fuchs’ No Fuchs Given. Footballers certainly see big money in esports, as former England player David Beckham heavily invested in Guild Esports shortly before it made its debut on the London Stock Exchange, while other former players like Ronaldinho and Ruud Guillit have also created esports teams.

Casemiro took to Twitter to announce the formation of the CS:GO team, and launched the team’s website. It seems that he has high hopes for the team, since the first words translated read “Five players, hand in hand, will compete in the best tournaments of the world leagues to take all the podiums. A personal bet from Carlos Henrique Casemiro , an amateur Counter Strike – Global Offensive player, who was born with “enthusiasm, desire to enjoy and passion for this game.”

We’ll see if the team can make good on Casemiro’s words when CaseEsports makes its debut at DreamHack Masters Winter on November 3.