CS:GO’s Cache has an easter egg dedicated to a man who prevented WW3

A portrait of Vasily Alexandrovich Arkhipov can be found in a side room on the map

CS:GO easter egg

With the release of the updated version of Cache to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive last week, the community has been busy exploring the map, discovering new grenade throws and peek spots. However, hidden in the overgrowth of the Chernobyl-inspired map are countless easter eggs, one of which pays tribute to a man who prevented World War Three.

Popular CS:GO YouTuber Anomaly spotted the military portrait just off of B Halls during his exploration of the map, but wasn’t sure who it was. But one of his viewers, who goes by the name Rustcaddy, knew it was portrait of Vasily Alexandrovich Arkhipov, a Soviet Navy officer, who prevented a disastrous nuclear attack during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962.

Arkhipov was second in command of B-59, a submarine carrying nuclear torpedoes that tried – and failed – to get past the American blockade. When the Americans started dropping depth charges to force the submarine to surface, two of the three commanders on board, who were convinced a war had broken out, wanted to fire the torpedoes but Arkhipov refused. Although his actions were mocked by members of the Soviet Union on his return, the Navy officer is believed to have prevented the start of a nuclear war, known as WW3.

Rustcaddy’s comment flew under the radar for most watching Anomaly’s video but it was picked up by one Reddit user who shared the revelation on the platform. The post now has 18,000 upvotes, so at least more people lurking in halls during competitive matches will know this man’s name and why his portrait is hanging pride of place in one of the side rooms.

The map, which was created by FMPONE and Volcano, was released on the Steam Workshop on October 10, and it’s full of other easter eggs. Heather ‘sapphiRe’ Garozzo, a former professional player, who now works as the vice president of marketing for Dignitas, revealed that her cat Yoshi had been immortalised on the map in the form of a magazine cover. There’s also a bear, a portrait of a dog, a car with an odometer that reads 42069 and an ‘adult’ magazine in the back, and more.