Astralis players reportedly earn $360,000 a year

Danish CS:GO salaries revealed in new report

Astralis device

Denmark is oozing with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive talent. From Astralis to North, Mad Lions, and Heroic, there’s a lot of incredibly talented players in Denmark who have worked their way to the top. But despite becoming a dominating force, no one’s quite sure how much players are earning – until now.

According to a recent report from BT.DK [via Reddit], which looks into the salaries before tax of the country’s star players, Astralis leads the way when it comes to salaries. Each of the five core players apparently take home $360,000 a year before prize money and sponsorship. Their fairly hefty monthly wage is therefore just over $30,000.

If you compare that to the likes of North, which currently sits at #24 in the world rankings, it’s a little bit different. Since the salaries of players were negotiated on individual terms, BT doesn’t have an overall figure, but it does have an average. According to the report, a North salary is worth $229,000, which boils down to a monthly wage of $18,315 per month.

However, even though Mad Lions and Heroic both trump North on the world rankings, the average salaries of the two organisations aren’t nearly as big. BT’s sources say the average salary at both of these organisations is about $100,000.

Obviously these figures have to be taken with a pinch of salt, since most players will have set bonuses, player-specific goals, and money coming in from sponsorship deals and stickers, but it gives us a good insight to the amount of money on offer in the top tier of Counter-Strike.