CS:GO teams clash with CSPPA over BLAST Premier player protests

The 14 teams competing at the BLAST Premier Fall Series are questioning the CSPPA's intervention

While the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene is no stranger to controversy over its long history, its most recent conflict could prove to be one of the messiest yet.

In essence, there is something of a Cold War brewing between a group of CS:GO organisations and the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association after the latter put pressure on tournament organiser BLAST for its recording and storing of team communications for content purposes. The CSPPA alleges that this information was presented to analysts and was subsequently “shared among people in the community.”

As a result, the BLAST Premier Fall Series match between Team Vitality and mousesports was delayed by over two and a half hours as CSPPA member players protested and refused to play. While the concerns around the recording, storing, and broadcasting of team communications are legitimate ones, the 11 CS:GO teams partnered with BLAST, as well as the three extra teams invited to take part in the Fall Series, have now jointly penned a statement questioning why the CSPPA waded in on the issue.

The partner teams, which include esports juggernauts such as Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and G2, claim that the issues around team communications had been “solved already” on November 23 in an agreement between the teams and BLAST.

The teams say: “We fail to understand how and why the CSPPA are involved in trying to raise concerns with an already resolved issue, without our knowledge or any form of previous communication.”

One anonymous team owner also tells HLTV that “the true intentions behind the CSPPA are not rooted in the greater good” in a statement that heavily criticises the body.

While the CSPPA has not directly responded to the BLAST teams’ statement, it has been fervently defending itself on social media against some of its critics, including CS:GO caster Matthew ‘Sadokist’ Trivett.

This saga is far from over, so expect to see this continue to play out on social media over the next few days.

As yet, BLAST is yet to comment on the matter and has been pressing on with the Fall Series 2020 Finals.