BLAST to bring in new competitive integrity rules for CS:GO coaches

Tournament organiser BLAST has introduced new rules aimed at Counter-Strike coaches to uphold competitive integrity in the wake of the spectator bug scandal. BLAST’s esports operations manager, Robert Mulgan, tweeted out two new rules that will come into force for online matches.

All coaches must now stream their POV into a dedicated Discord channel provided by the tournament organisers. Coaches must also have MOss, an anti-cheat software, running in the background to secure screenshots and record logs during live games. Mulgan agrees the system isn’t perfect, but it is a significant step forward to prevent cheating.

The Esports Integrity Comission (ESIC), which is investigating historic abuse of the spectator bug, revealed in its first report last month that 37 coaches had been found exploiting it. While that specific bug has been patched by Valve, other variations of it could still be out there.

ESIC has banned coaches from between four and three years, the longest ban went to Aleksandr ‘MechanoGun’ Bogatiryev for 16 counts of bug exploitation. Many coaches have appealed their ban, but the ESIC has not confirmed whether it will review disputed cases.

These new rules come at the perfect time as the BLAST Premier Fall Series began October 16.

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