Astralis terminates k0nfig’s CS:GO contract after Malta altercation

CS:GO ace k0nfig has mutually agreed with Astralis to terminate his contract and confirms reports that he has suffered a broken leg from an altercation

k0nfig CSGO Astralis: CS:GO pro k0nfig sits at a PC gaming setup

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke has mutually agreed with Astralis to have his contract terminated.

Despite an Astralis statement claiming he will no longer be part of the team due to “issues he does not want to discuss publicly”, k0nfig has released his own statement confirming reports that he had broken his leg in an altercation with a nightclub promoter. He also says that he has been “in a really deep dark place” since the incident.

On September 20, Astralis revealed that k0nfig would miss upcoming competitions due to a “complicated ankle fracture” he suffered while in Malta playing in the ESL Pro League. A few days later, Jaxon reported that the player had got into a “fist fight”, which at the time k0nfig described as “mostly BS”. On October 1, Jaxon further doubled down on this by publishing an eyewitness report stating that k0nfig had got into a brawl with a nightclub promoter.

In a TwitLonger, k0nfig gives a lengthy account of what happened, which lines up with Jaxon’s eyewitness account. He also reveals he suffered “a fracture in my orbital wall” as a result of taking blows to the head during the altercation, and says that he felt like he was “about to die”.

He also details that he has had painful surgery and relocation on his foot, and is now seeking out help from a psychologist to improve his mental health. k0nfig says that despite being let go from Astralis and regretting the entire incident, he will “make this downfall into something positive”.

“This is not who I am,” the Dane says. “I don’t give up. I’ll do what’s needed to become the god-tier Counter-Strike player that I know I can be.”

In Astralis’ statement, the organisation gives its reasoning for the termination of his contract.

“[k0nfig] is going through a tough time with issues he does not want to discuss publicly; we fully respect that,” says director of sports Kasper Hvidt. “It has been affecting his ability to contribute to the team and we have had ongoing and constructive talks with Kristian, who needs time to focus on his private life.

“Together, we have explored different options and even though nobody knows how things will be in 3 or 6 months, right now it’s all about giving Kristian space and time without the constant pressure of having to get back and play.”

k0nfig’s termination is the latest bit of turbulence to hit Astralis this year, and comes off the back of the organisation failing to qualify for the upcoming CS:GO Major in Brazil.