CS:GO devs fuel Source 2 rumours with mass Steam profile update

Several Counter-Strike and Valve developers have changed their Steam profile picture at once and this could mean the CS:GO Source 2 update is closer than ever.

Counter-Strike 2 devs steam profile pictures screenshots: an image of two masked men from promo art for the FPS counter-strike

We know a sequel to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive felt like a pipe dream to a lot of CS:GO fans, but now we’re facing a torrent – an avalanche – of rumours and leaks regarding CS:GO Source 2 (which is being referred to as Counter-Strike 2) – and quite a lot of them have some merit. Following the revelation from full stack developer and self-proclaimed CS:GO “aficionado” ‘Aquarius‘ that CS:GO Source 2 servers are starting to appear on SteamDB, it looks like Valve is preparing to take screenshots of the new release – which means we’re really not long away now.

If you’re wondering how we know this without access to Valve’s offices and the screenshots themselves, the aforementioned leaker Aquarius has suggested that – because quite a few CS:GO devs at Valve have changed their Steam profile picture – they’re prepping for screenshots.

We know that sounds like quite a large conclusion to go jumping to, but it really can’t be a coincidence – and the explanation prepared by Aquarius makes quite a lot of sense.

According to them in this tweet here, “core CS:GO developers and other Valve devs that have been working on CS:GO” – presumably the Source 2 update – have all “simultaneously changed their Steam profile pictures” – something you don’t see very often.

This is being taken as quite a major sign that the developers are preparing to take screenshots of Counter-Strike 2 for promotional material. In the past, as you may already realise, we have all seen screenshots showing populated lobbies and friends lists packed with fake players using generic usernames and profile pictures. You can see an example of one shared by Aquarius below:

Counter-Strike devs Steam profile pictures screenshots: an image of an old promotional screenshot for the FPS counter-strike

Well, these fake players have to be someone, don’t they? If you’re taking promotional screenshots of a game, you need to make sure the fake players you’re creating are varied and diverse, ideally not giving away any personal information, and clean. So, while we don’t know what CS:GO devs are using as their profile pictures on Steam, it would seem safe to change it anyway – to avoid virtually doxxing yourself, if anything.

We know this sounds like a long shot, but it could mean the CS:GO Source 2 release date is a lot closer than first thought, as screenshot-taking would mean the game client is looking ready to go – as they need to be representative of the final product. The CS:GO devs are already breaking their silence to tease fans amid the Source 2 leaks – so, this isn’t completely unfounded. If you’re a fan of one of the best FPS games out there, you might find yourself with a sequel very soon.

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