World Series of Warzone returns with $600,000 prize pool

Call of Duty has announced details for the 2022 World Series of Warzone, which features trios tournaments in both Europe and North America

World Series of Warzone 2022: A masked operator and a female operator run through flames with their weapons drawn. A helicopter hovers above them

The Activision-backed World Series of Warzone will be returning for 2022 in partnership with Prime Gaming, with two big-money trios tournaments taking place in both North America and Europe. The hilarious and thrilling Solo YOLO event – which produced such shithousery as this last year – is also returning, putting a lobby of solo players in a one-match battle for $100,000.

For the NA and EU trios tournaments, each will have an overall prize pool of $300,000 and both will be fully online. Of the 40 teams in each tournament, 20 will be invited by Activision (so expect plenty of Warzone’s biggest streamers and maybe even some Call of Duty League pros to be taking part), and 20 will have earned their spots via some gruelling qualifiers. The tournament is open to all, so you (yes, you) could be one of those competing for $300k, if you think you’re cracked enough.

The NA finals will be taking place on Tuesday, September 6, and the EU finals will be played on Wednesday, September 7.

If you want in, you and your teammates can register to compete in the first round of World Series of Warzone qualifiers here.

While fans will be excited to see WSOW return in a year that has been less populated with competitive Warzone events, it is significantly reduced compared to 2021’s offerings.

Last year saw over $1.5 million in prize money dished out over multiple events across NA and EU, whereas this year we will see just a trios and Solo YOLO event in each territory with a collective prize pool of $800,000.

While this does look like a step backwards for the competitive Warzone scene, there is hope that more effort will be put into competitive play for Warzone 2 when it releases later this year – including a potential Warzone ranked mode.