TimTheTatman’s recent Warzone streams plagued by glitches and hackers

The Twitch star has had a rough week on Warzone, facing frustrating glitches and game-ending cheaters

Despite having millions of players and being arguably the most popular battle royale in the streaming world right now, Call of Duty: Warzone can really get under your skin for a number of reasons.

While we can usually hold our hands up and say ‘GG’ if we simply get outgunned or outsmarted by an opponent, the same can’t be said for when our race to the final circle is cut short by glitches or hackers. Both issues have plagued Warzone for months, and despite a number of patches and a recent reaffirmation by Infinity Ward about a zero tolerance approach to cheating, it’s been becoming increasingly frustrating – especially so if you’re Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar.

While he may be one of Twitch’s biggest streamers right now when it comes to Warzone, TimTheTatman has had a particularly unlucky streak in facing cheaters and hackers, as well being on the end of a few fist-clenchingly annoying glitches.

Earlier this week, TimTheTatman posted a YouTube video showing footage from a game where he is repeatedly griefed by an aimbotter, including seat-swapping heli snipes. While this got the streamer incredibly frustrated, he really lost his mind when he found out the hacker was in the top 100 global players for kills in Warzone, averaging 21 kills a game, yet had still not been banned.

A few days later, TimTheTatman encountered yet another aimbotter when playing alongside Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, who was aptly named ‘ThisGameIsTrash.’

Just yesterday, he then encountered an enemy player in Superstore whose red enemy indicator was not showing. Thinking his teammate had finished him off putting a few rounds into him, TimTheTatman nonchalantly walks past him, thinking he’s friendly, only to be shot in the back. It’s not clear with the enemy gamer tag not showing is a hack or cheat or whether it’s an in-game bug.

Then, to complete TimTheTatman’s Warzone meltdown for the week, he posted a clip to Twitter of the infuriating parachute opening glitch, which has been in the game for months, costing him a gunfight. His reaction says it all.

While there’s much to love about Warzone, there is also a lot to loathe, and TimTheTatman’s week from hell in Verdansk has had it all rolled into one.

He is also just a high-profile example among plenty of other streamers and casual players whose experience is plagued by glitches and cheaters.

With so many things impacting the game that are completely out of the player’s control, it can be tricky to get that all important win – even if you follow all the Call of Duty: Warzone tips in the book.