This Warzone pro is trying to win a battle royale game with every gun

We know Warzone 2 is on the way, but one battle royale pro is trying to win one Warzone game with every single gun in the game - and it's pretty incredible

Warzone streamer Fifakill weapon win challenge: an image of a man in the battle royale holding an LMG

Quadrant Warzone content creator Morten ‘Fifakill’ Kjaergaard might not be someone you know when you think about this battle royale’s top streaming talent, but it really should be. Why do we think this? Well, not only did Fifakill triumph in the 2022 World Series of Warzone NA Solo Yolo, taking home $100,000 for their troubles, they’re also currently challenging themselves to win one game with every single weapon in Raven Software’s shooter.

Starting things off on October 2, Fifakill ditched their best Warzone loadouts and undertook a challenge where – in their own words – they were “going to try and win a game with every single gun in Warzone before the release of Warzone 2”. Oh, and they don’t just mean primary weapons, either. Fifakill made it very clear that this challenge was going to involve every single primary weapon, all the secondaries and launchers, and everything else that you could argue was a weapon in Warzone.

What does this all mean? Well, it means Fifakill is challenging themselves to get 164 Warzone wins in a matter of weeks – which is no small feat.

However, it’s starting to look like this challenge could very well be over before Modern Warfare 2 early access begins, let alone the Warzone 2 release date.

In their announcement of the challenge, Fifakill revealed that they were already six weapons down – which is impressive enough for us. However, on October 10, content creator Jake Lucky helped us all get up to speed by announcing that Fifakill was on his 74th weapon – around 45% through the challenge.

If raw gameplay alone isn’t going to sway you to tune in, you might be interested to know that Fifakill hilariously dressed up in a James Bond-inspired tuxedo to tackle the battle royale’s pistols. They have also announced that they’re planning more costumes for future streams, too – and the next one is coming very soon.

Starting October 11, Fifakill is going to tackle the game’s sniper rifles in a “special outfit” – which we’re really hoping is a full ghillie suit. If you want to check all of this out for yourself, you just need to head to Fifakill’s Twitch channel right here. If you want to try this for yourself, might we recommend you start with the best Warzone weapons out there? You know, just to get the ball rolling.