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Warzone community debates whether Stims and Snapshots need nerfs

Call of Duty Warzone players are debating whether the battle royale shooter's Snapshot Grenades deserve a nerf, but popular streamer JGOD doesn't think so

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Call of Duty Warzone fans always seem to find something to argue about when it comes to the beloved battle royale shooter and this week’s topic of discussion is a divisive one: Snapshot Grenades. With players debating whether they’re too overpowered, popular Warzone content creator ‘JGOD’ has weighed in on the debate to suggest that Snapshot Grenades simply aren’t popular enough to really be considered an issue in Warzone.

In a response to ‘TrueGameData’, who asked whether Snapshot Grenades should be nerfed in a similar way to the Ghost Perk, JGOD responded with rough usage statistics to suggest that – even though more people are using the Snapshot Grenade nowadays – it’s popularity doesn’t compare to the likes of the Heartbeat Sensor and Stims, two tactical equipments that could be considered equally problematic.

JGOD suggests that only around 7% of Warzone players actually use the Snapshot Grenade, compared to the combined ~80% of Warzone players that use the Heartbeat Sensor and Stims in-game.

Looking at the replies to the original post from TrueGameData, which you can read below, it’s clear that the suggestion that Snapshot Grenades aren’t popular enough to be an issue has fallen largely on deaf ears.

However, that’s not the complete story. A number of the responses don’t actually touch on the issue at hand at all. Rather, they bring Stims and the Heartbeat Sensor into conversation – suggesting that these are both fantastic options for your best Warzone loadouts and overpowered items that are deserving of a nerf.

If you look at WZRanked, a site that provides up-to-date information on Warzone weapon usage and average K/D ratios, you’ll find that JGOD wasn’t far off with his claims.

The Snapshot Grenade is used by just under 8% of players, with the second-highest average K/D out of the selection. Interestingly, though, Snapshot Grenades boast the highest win-rate on the site – 3.98 to the Stim’s 3.76 and the Stun Grenades’ 2.66 win-rate. Heartbeat Sensor, the most popular tactical equipment, has the fourth-best kill-death ratio and the fourth-best win-rate. It seems clear that the changes made to the Ghost perk have an impact.

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is on the way, but Raven Software has not made any comments that would suggest a Snapshot Grenades nerf is coming. So, if you’re hoping for one, you might be waiting a while – however, we don’t know for sure. Looking at the Warzone meta, it just doesn’t seem like it’s causing enough of a problem to deserve one.