Warzone pro Jukeyz backs himself against all but three top players

Red Bull athlete Jukeyz says that in Call of Duty Warzone Season 3, there are only three players better than him, and that he's trying to get back on top

Warzone Season 3 Jukeyz: Warzone pro Jukeyz fist bumps another player at a tournament

Competitive Warzone is a fierce arena, and is a melting pot of dedicated streamers, former Call of Duty pros, and up and coming talent. One of the very best is Liverpool’s Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James, who has earned well over $200,000 in Warzone tournament prize money since the battle royale launched in 2020.

While in the past he has backed himself as one of, if not the best player in the game, Jukeyz has, to his own admission, not been at the top of his game since the introduction of the Caldera map. However, in an interview with The Loadout following his tour around America for his See Me In NA series, Jukeyz believes that despite not being at the top of his game right now, only three Warzone pros can claim to be better than him.

At the very top , in Jukeyz’s opinion, is Ben ‘Almond’ Rosendahl. “I just idolise him as a player,” he says. “He’s just so good. Probably the best ever to grace Warzone to be honest – and not just for this map [Caldera]. That kid is just ridiculous. [Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren] has got the best duo ever.”

Jukeyz also names fellow UK player Ethan ‘Fifakill’ Pink as one of his top three. While Jukeyz jokes that he could “gun the life” out of his fellow countryman, he says that Fifakill’s “brain is huge” and is arguably the best player in the game when it comes to game sense and strategy.

Rounding out his top three is the “fucking unbelievable” Kasimili ‘HiSoka’ Tonga Tongamoa, Jukeyz’s duo for his See Me In NA tour.

Aside from these three players, Jukeyz says he backs himself against anyone else in the competitive Warzone scene.

Jukeyz does admit though that he is currently laser-focused on improving to once again, in his eyes, become the best player in the game – even if Caldera does not suit his style as much as the now buried Verdansk.

You can hear more about Jukeyz grind to get back on top, his See Me In NA tour, and his thoughts on the Warzone meta in our full interview, which will be dropping tomorrow, May 20.