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NZ-41 becomes Warzone’s most popular gun ahead of Season 4

Ahead of Warzone Season 4, the battle royale's meta has gained a new king, with the NZ-41 pushing the STG44 off the top of the usage charts

Warzone NZ-41 meta: An operator wearing a red beret fires a large machine gun

Warzone Season 3 has been dominated by the STG44, with the accessible weapon becoming a powerful yet easy-to-use assault rifle in the current meta. However, in recent days, a rival Vanguard AR has been on the up, and its now overtaken the STG44 as the most popular weapon in all of Warzone right now.

The culprit is the NZ-41, which was one of the best Warzone guns at the start of the Caldera era of the battle royale, but tailed off in usage over time. Now though, it’s back, thanks to its decent damage range and favourable recoil pattern, which makes it a deadly weapon in the hands of players of all skill levels.

As spotted by streamer ‘Westie’, data from WZRanked shows that on June 19 the NZ-41’s usage rate surpassed that of the STG44, showing just how powerful a well-built NZ-41 Warzone loadout has become. According to its most recent data at the time of writing, WZRanked shows that the NZ is appearing in 12.51% of loadouts, and the STG44 is just behind on 12.25%.

While it is nice to see another weapon reach the top of the usage charts, the current Warzone meta has not been without its critics.

Westie says that the current meta is “boring”, with the majority of the most-used guns currently being what he deems to be “low recoil”. This is echoed by Warzone weapon stats expert ‘TrueGameData’, who says he’s “tired of being beamed from 150m with [players] not missing a single shot.”

Warzone YouTuber ‘JGOD’ also points out the lack of Black Ops Cold War guns in the list of the most popular Warzone weapons. The top six weapons are all from Vanguard, and the next four are from 2019’s Modern Warfare arsenal.

While the current meta might not be in its most exciting state, we are just a few days out from Warzone Season 4, which along with a new maps and lots of fresh content, will almost certainly drop with a fairly big weapon balancing update too. Expect a shakeup later this week.