Warzone Fortune’s Keep map release date, POIs, and more

There’s going to be a new battle royale map coming in Warzone Season 4; we have everything you need to know about the Fortune’s Keep release date here

Warzone Fortune's Keep map release date: an image of a man in a mask and a ghillie suit holding a gun

If you’re looking forward to the next season of Call of Duty Warzone, you’re not alone – there’s still life in the old dog yet, even if we are looking at the fast-approaching Warzone 2 release date with excitement. One sign that Raven Software isn’t done with Warzone is the brand-new map that’s just been announced: Fortune’s Keep. If you’re wondering when the Fortune’s Keep release date is, you’re not alone.

But, don’t worry about it. We have everything you need to know about the Warzone Fortune’s Keep map release date right here. Much like Rebirth Reinforced, Fortune’s Keep is an island map that’s going to be quite a bit smaller than Caldera and Verdansk. It is shaping up to be at least twice as big as Rebirth, though, so expect a lot more bang for your buck when this map arrives.

So, yes, there’s a lot to look forward to… But, that information isn’t really helpful if we don’t know when the map itself is coming out, right? Well, keep reading and you should find yourself a little more ‘in the know’ when it comes to these things.

Warzone Fortune’s Keep map release date

The Warzone Fortune’s Keep map is now live in-game with the launch of Season 4!

Warzone Fortune’s Keep map POIs

Following the full Fortune’s Keep map layout reveal on June 13, we now know that the new battle royale map will have the following POI locations:

  • Town
  • Overlook
  • Graveyard
  • Grotto
  • Smuggler’s Cove
  • Terraces
  • Gatehouse
  • Keep
  • Bay
  • Winery
  • Camp
  • Lighthouse

Town and Winery are the largest POIs, located on opposite ends of the map, and Camp and Overlook appear to be the smallest POI locations.

Well, that’s everything we know about when you can play on the new Warzone map. Do you think the best Warzone guns will remain on top when the Warzone Season 4 release date rolls around? We hope so – but, you never know.