Warzone duo’s 107-kill game prompts SBMM cheating allegations

Skill-based matchmaking in Call of Duty: Warzone is arguably the hottest topic in the community right now (alongside the overpowered DMR of course) and it has prompted some questions about how the game’s top players achieve their high-kill games. A number of long-standing Warzone kill records have also been falling recently, with many alleging exploits such as reverse boosting are being used to get around the battle royale’s SBMM.

As a result of this uncertainty, a high-profile Warzone duo have now been accused of cheating to get into low-skill lobbies to set a new kill record. ‘SuperEvan’ and ‘Newbzz’ tore Verdansk to pieces on January 10 with an insane match that set a new record for the most eliminations by a two-man Warzone team. In the Duos vs Quads match, the pair racked up a staggering 107 kills – that’s 22 more than the previous record of 85. This is also just a few kills away from beating the current Trios record of 114.

The footage of the match shows the pair split up and quickly rotate around Verdansk to wipe out as many squads as possible, but it’s clear that they are up against a much lower calibre of opponent.

Fans became increasingly more suspicious of the record-breaking game after checking the quality of the lobby on the third-party Warzone Companion app, which can give a detailed breakdown of who was in the game and what the lobby’s average quality and K/D is.

The app shows that SuperEvan and Newbzz, despite having very high K/D ratios themselves, were in a very low-skilled lobby, with an average K/D of just 0.64. That puts it in the lowest 1% of lobbies in terms of average K/D, according to the app.

This stoked plenty of accusations that the pair had used some form of exploit to get themselves into the lobby.

Defending himself in a statement provided to Dexerto, SuperEvan says: “Anyone who truly knows me knows I would never cheat or use anything like that to my advantage. At the end of the day, there’s always going to be players that hate. We just got lucky to be in that lobby.”

With reverse boosting or geo-filtering internet routers surfacing as two of the main methods players use to get into low-skill Warzone lobbies, the legitimacy of any record-breaking game in the current climate is always going to be questioned.

However, without proof that SuperEvan or Newbzz used any exploit to land themselves in that lobby, the record stands.