This AI bot rules on moral dilemmas – here are its thoughts on Warzone

Delphi is a bot designed to prove AI can have a moral compass, but what does it think about some of Warzone's biggest issues?

One of the greatest debates around AI technology is whether it can make moral and ethical decisions. Can your car’s autopilot make a moral choice as to whether it hits a deer or puts you in a ditch, for example.

Well, there is one AI bot that is designed for this exact purpose. The Delphi AI is built to be fed questions and moral conundrums and work out right from wrong. According to its creators, “Delphi demonstrates strong promise of language-based commonsense moral reasoning”. So, in an entirely original idea that was definitely not borrowed from the wonderful folks over at For The Win, we decided to see what Delphi thinks is totally righteous or morally corrupt about one of the biggest games in the world: Call of Duty: Warzone.

We fed Delphi a host of questions and statements about Warzone, getting the AI’s thoughts on everything from loadout choices, to strategies, to teammate etiquette, to even the decision making of Activision and developer Raven Software.

Delphi’s answers aren’t exactly what you’d call nuanced – its limited responses range from “it’s right” and “it’s wrong”, to “it’s expected” or “it’s rude”. Nevertheless, it should make you take a long hard look at your battle royale-based principles.

Here are Warzone’s biggest moral dilemmas answered by technology’s most moral AI.

Letting the DMR meta go on for as long as it did – “It’s bad”

You’re darn right, Delphi. The fearsome DMR/ tactical rifle meta was one of the most frustrating periods in Warzone history. ‘Bad’ is putting it nicely.

Baiting for your teammate who’s trying to break a kill record – “You shouldn’t”

Well, it looks like Delphi isn’t much of a team player… Focus on your own game, chase those kills, and inflate your kill count with final shot kills. When your teammate complains, just tell them Delphi said it’s fine.

A Warzone operator healing up by placing an armor plate into his armor vest

Telling your teammate you have no spare plates when you actually have several – “It’s rude”

Well, Delphi may be selfish when it comes to Warzone etiquette, but clearly it is a big believer in ‘sharing is caring’.

Playing Plunder for any reason other than levelling up guns – “It’s wrong”

Delphi knows what’s up.

Should Raven software add a ranked mode to Warzone? – “It’s expected”

Is this Delphi predicting the future? We sure hope so…

Two Warzone operators fight side by side on Rebirth Island

Removing Dead Silence – “It’s okay”

See Raven Software, it’s okay to remove Dead Silence. You can do it. I know it will be tough, but sometimes you’ve just got to let go. Please let go.

Using Kali Sticks in Warzone – “You shouldn’t”

You have been warned.

Accusing a streamer of hacking with zero evidence – “It’s rude”

Preach, Delphi, preach! If you feel seen by this, please remove your tinfoil hat and re-evaluate.

Checking out our best Warzone loadout guide – “It’s good”

Appreciate the gas, Delphi. If our best Warzone loadout guide is good enough for a socially-aware AI, it’s good enough for you lot too. Sit back, relax, and look at the best Warzone loadouts on the web.