Dataminer claims Juggernauts are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

Brace yourself - a bunch of new Warzone modes seem to be on the horizon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare juggernaut

An extensive post on Reddit by a dataminer has supposedly leaked some of the new weapons, features, and modes coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in both multiplayer and Warzone for Season 4.

With the Season 4 trailer dropping yesterday which teases the return of legendary Modern Warfare 2 map Scrapyard, fan-favourite character Captain Price, and the Galil, a whole host of other new additions appear to have been leaked by the Reddit user and dataminer JeaneJWE. As well as going through the extensive list of new weapons and attachments, operators, and maps that we might be seeing in Season 4, there is also mention of three very interesting potential game modes for Warzone, one of which corroborates with a bizarre glitch earlier this week.

The most speculative of the three is a ‘TDM Anywhere’ mode, which has no details but could hint at a large-scale Team Deathmatch in a random part of the Verdansk map. Then there is a rumoured ‘Jailbreak’ mode that would see everyone who was sent to the Gulag redeploy at the same time in a large wave. But it’s the third that is the most interesting.

A ‘Juggernaut’ mode is apparently on the way in Warzone that sees teams compete to get their hands on a crate containing one of the most feared killstreaks in gaming: that big ol’ Juggernaut suit.

This appears to also match up with reports earlier this week that players were finding glitched miniguns – the Juggernauts weapon of choice, of course – dropping from supply crates in Warzone. Fellow dataminer ModernWarzone pieces some of those together in the video below, as well as going on to say that mentions of Duos and a 200-player mode are also now within the game’s files.

It’ll be interesting to see if the bunkers in Warzone – which currently only award high-tier guns and items to teams who unlock them – will be the location for these Juggernaut crates. Or perhaps they will fall like Loadout crates currently do, prompting a large scale fight for the right to open one up.

Either way, it looks like there’s going to be plenty of different modes for fans to sink their teeth into in Season 4.