Chance has already talked about the next Call of Duty with Treyarch

Conversations about the "competitive philosophy" are already taking place

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Most of us are desperately waiting and see what the next Call of Duty has to offer but others are a little luckier. Professional CoD player Thomas ‘Chance’ Ashworth has already been talking to Treyarch about the competitive scene in the upcoming shooter (via Gamespot).

In a post on the CoD competitive subreddit Chance tells a user that Treyarch is “really interested in making next year a great year for competitive and I’m being 100% serious”. When questioned about these comments Chance goes on to clarify why he had been talking to Treyarch about CoD at all.

“Just meetings with the devs to discuss “competitive philosophy”. There’s more to it of course and to be honest, I don’t even know if I was allowed to share what I just shared. I know how hopeless some of you are but all I want is for us as a community to get excited and to get behind and support the devs over at Treyarch. Spread positive energy guys.”

What a competitive philosophy means isn’t quite clear. It could mean anything from new modes to new multiplayer endeavours, but because there are pros being consulted, we do know it’s likely to affect the wider competitive scene.

Without much more info than that, we’re just going to have to wait and see what Treyarch has up their sleeve for next year, and take a Chance on it. Terrible pun I know.