New Caldera Warzone map artwork shows over 200 points of interest

The official top-down map for Warzone Pacific's Caldera map has been revealed, and it looks to be packed with places to explore

Warzone Pacific map POIs: A shot of a riverside village in the new Warzone map Caldera

After a top-down view of the new Warzone map, Caldera, was leaked earlier this month, Activision has finally revealed the official map artwork, featuring 15 named areas and 215 orange dots, representing various buildings and landmarks that are deemed points of interest. And yes, we really did sit there and count them.

The 15 named areas include the bustling Capital – which with 35 points of interest is certainly going to be the hot drop area for Caldera – as well as more serene-sounding locations like Lagoon, Resort, and Beachhead.

The top-down view of Caldera also shows roads, rivers, beaches, and the out of bounds line. It also shows an interesting approach to the layout of the map, whereby most of the built up areas hug the outer edge of the map, while the central areas are more sparsely populated with points of interest. While its predecessor, Verdansk, had its fair share of wide open spaces, most of these were found in the furthest corners of the map, rather than in the middle.

As well as showing the layout of Caldera, the new artwork confirms that it is genuinely set in during World War Two and is not a present-day map. The artwork describes your escapades in Caldera as Operation Vulcan, taking place on December 8, 1944. December 8 is also the first day players will be able to jump into the new map.

❌ marks your drop.

To further get players in the mood for Caldera, a short video showing some of the points of interest has also been released, in the style of an airline commercial.

Caldera certainly looks the part, but whether it can live up to the cult status of Verdansk and be an enjoyable map to play is a different matter altogether.