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Call of Duty: Warzone update dishes out significant Bullfrog nerf

Warzone Season 5's top SMG has been nerfed

Adler in a white suit screams as he fires a gun in front of a Warzone Mobile station

One of the best Warzone guns, the Bullfrog, has been slapped with a nerf by developer Raven Software as a result of its ever-rising pick rate in Season 5.

The Bullfrog has become a staple part of the Warzone meta and is popular with players because of a few factors. As well as boasting decent stats when it comes to damage and range, the Bullfrog comes equipped with an extremely large standard magazine size. This benefit means that, unlike most SMGs, an attachment slot doesn’t have to be used up to increase the magazine size.

Due to this, its pick rate has steadily risen in Season 5. Prior to the update, the Bullfrog was the most picked weapon in Warzone, appearing in just under 10% of players’ loadouts, according to WZ Ranked. As we saw with the recent nerfs to the incredibly popular Krig, Raven Software is not a fan of guns that boast abnormally high pick rates.

As a result, it has nerfed the Bullfrog in areas that are key for aggressive, run-and-gun SMGS. The most significant is to its ADS speed, which has been slashed by 9%. There are also small decreases to movement speed (1%) and ADS movement speed (2%).

These changes definitely make sense, with players often using the attachment slot they’d usually spend on the magazine size on stocks which can improve ADS times.

While this isn’t a devastating nerf that will massively affect most people’s Bullfrog Warzone loadout, it will make a noticeable difference for those that love to fly around the map and break some ankles in gunfights. The super speedy MAC-10 or OTs 9 will now likely be a more preferred choice for those players.

Elsewhere in the update, the Gallo SA12 also received a nerf to its damage range, as the shotgun has been performing rather better than intended at long ranges recently.

There are also changes to the recoil control bonuses you receive on barrels for three assault rifles. While the Cold War AK-47 and XM4 both receive nerfs via decreased recoil control, the Krig actually gains a buff to recoil control. This makes the already easy-to-use AR extremely precise.

For all the details of yesterday’s update check out the full patch notes here.