Ten of the best Call of Duty: Warzone clips

Jumpscares, glitches, and a stream sniper army - here are some of the funniest moments from Warzone's first year

Twitch streamer Deno wearing a purple hoodie and playing a recorder flute. Warzone gameplay is in the background

Not only has Call of Duty: Warzone attracted tens of millions of players around the globe, it also has an army of creators making incredible content around the battle royale. This includes close to a billion hours of watch time on Twitch in the last 12 months, according to stats site SullyGnome. With all of that live, unedited action, there’s bound to be some iconic, clip-worthy moments along the way.

While the vast majority of the Warzone clips page is sadly filled up with evidence against alleged hackers – which tells you everything about Warzone’s cheating problems that you need to know – we unearthed some gems that we’d like to share with you. From incredible plays, to bizarre death voice comms, to some of the most random scenes you’ll ever witness in Verdansk, we’ve got ten of the best for you right here. Some are so wild, they’ll put our weirdest Twitch clips of 2020 to shame.

Now these aren’t necessarily the most watched Warzone clips – many of those are unfortunately of cheaters’ suss gameplay – and many amazing memories were sadly wiped out by the DMCA apocalypse on Twitch last year. However, the ten we’ve dug up here are all absolutely brilliant.

While there’s an awful lot we’d love to change about Warzone right now, one thing you can’t knock it for is its ability to create brilliant moments.

Here’s to another year of crazy clips, old friend.

Hungover TimTheTatman is not a fan of Warzone’s jumpscares

After having a few too many White Claws the night before, Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar was already in a less than optimal state to be playing Warzone.

It’s safe to say that this jumpscare, thanks to Warzone’s Halloween update, made his heart pound just as hard as his head.

Korean streamer secures the most action movie win

This Korean streamer was very excited with his action movie-style Warzone win. Nothing beats securing a win while hurtling through the air with an RPG, eh?

Tfue hits a 900m snipe with one of the worst snipers in Warzone

While it’s never been the best sniper Warzone has to offer, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney managed to bag a one-in-a-million snipe with the Dragunov that clocked in at 898 metres. His face says it all.

Souljaboy gets a surprise while sparking up

Clearly too worried about his blunt, rapper turned Twitch streamer Souljaboy missed the opportunity for a hot drop and was chucked out of the cargo plane at the end of the line – along with several other distracted players. Let the pistol battle commence.

Deano wins his Gulag with a recorder

You may have seen clips of this chap before on The Loadout, but here’s arguably the best from streamer ‘DeanoBeano’, who wins his Gulag using a recorder flute as a controller.

ZLaner killed by a Supply Chopper during a tournament

Warzone has had its fair share of bizarre glitches, but this one was particularly costly.

Streamer and frequenter of Warzone tournaments, Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane, was sitting on the top floor of one of Downtown’s many tower blocks when a Supply Chopper spawns in and downs him through the walls of the building. Not what you want when thousands of dollars are on the line…

TimTheTatman hears a familiar voice over death comms

Before being permanently banned from the platform, Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm was one of Twitch’s biggest streamers for Warzone content. Thanks to his ban, his regular teammates, such as TimTheTatman, had to find new streamers to squad up with.

However, The Doc’s presence is inescapable, as TimTheTatman discovered after cutting someone down in Superstore.

Nikolarn gets too cocky

Clearly bored and in need of a good gunfight, ‘Nikolarn’ begged for the rest of his Warzone lobby to challenge him. His wish was granted.

TimTheTatman fails his Warzone off-road driving test

As the owner of a $140,000 Jeep Gladiator Hellcat, you’d expect TimTheTatman to know a thing or two about off-roading.

This clip says otherwise.

NICKMERCS leads his stream sniper army into battle

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff must surely hold some kind of record for being the most stream-sniped player in Warzone. However, they aren’t all bad.

Here, NICKMERCS assembles a platoon of loyal stream snipers, all willing to put their life on the line to defend their favourite streamer.

So, there we have it, ten of the best Warzone Twitch clips from its first year. While so many epic moments will have sadly been wiped forever due to streamers deleting thousands of clips to escape DMCA strikes, some absolute gems have remained.