Raven Software enable Warzone 2 loadout drops in Christmas miracle

We can't quite believe it either, but Raven Software has just confirmed that Warzone 2 loadout drops are back - but there's quite a price to pay if you want one

Warzone 2 loadout drops grenade added: an image of a man in a ghillie suit from the battle royale

If you were planning on dropping into Al Mazrah – alone or in a squad – this holiday season, Raven Software has something of a present for you. From December 20, for the foreseeable future, Warzone 2 loadout drops are back. We know, it really is something of a Christmas miracle, isn’t it?

We know you may be reading this and thinking that this is all some sick joke, like coal in your stocking or chocolate covered sprouts, but we’re not kidding. Raven Software has just announced that players will be able to buy a Loadout Drop Grenade from buy stations across Al Mazrah to get instant access to all the best Warzone 2 loadouts and the best Warzone 2 guns without the need to clear a Stronghold or wait for the game’s midpoint.

This is, of course, without a doubt, truly fantastic news. It’s what we have all been waiting for, really, and makes levelling all those weapons up on Shipment 24/7 finally worthwhile. However, as always, there’s something of a catch when it comes to the new Loadout Drop Grenade item.

Firstly, we don’t actually know how many of these will be available in each buy station. At the moment, each buy station has a limited supply of certain items – like UAVs – that players in the game can purchase. There’s no mention of this system changing, and Raven Software has not said that there will be an unlimited supply of Loadout Drop Grenades available. So, we’re inclined to suggest that there will only be one per buy station – which could make things a bit tricky, depending on where you land.

In addition to this, though, Raven Software has confirmed just how much these Loadout Drop Grenades are going to cost – and it’s quite a lot.

In solo battle royale playlists, players will need to spend $8,000 on a Loadout Drop Grenade. In duos, this doubles to $16,000. For those of you playing Trios, as you might imagine, this goes up again to $24,000. Finally, players in a Quads playlist are going to need to shell out $32,000 for a Loadout Drop Grenade.

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This values each player’s loadout at $8,000 per person, no matter what – which sounds fairly fair when you think about it. However, $32,000 does sound like quite a lot of money.

This feature is, as with everything in Warzone 2, dependent on player feedback and its’ impact on the core battle royale experience. While we should see Warzone 2 loadout drops available to purchase throughout the holiday season, there’s no telling whether they’ll survive beyond that. So, it’s worth picking them up while you can and making use of the best Warzone 2 assault rifles and best Warzone 2 SMG options while you can access them easily – or at least, easier than before.