DrLupo finds new stat-tracking gun cosmetics during Warzone 2 stream

During the Warzone 2 streamer event, DrLupo accidentally finds some unreleased cosmetic items called Gun Screens which display stats and other information

Warzone 2 Gun Screens: An operator wearing a mesh face covering aims her weapon while standing among shipping containers

A whole load of information around Call of Duty Warzone 2, and its Escape From Tarkov-esque DMZ mode, has dropped, and some of the worlds’ biggest streamers have been playing it early too. However, one of them may have ventured a bit too far into the in-game menu’s for Infinity Ward’s liking, revealing a currently unannounced feature in the process.

Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo, who is widely known for being a fan of looter shooters and extraction shooters such as Escape From Tarkov, was checking out the weapon customisation in the build of Warzone 2 he was playing at the streamer event. While doing so, he noticed a new customisation option alongside the slots for decals and charms called ‘Gun Screens’. DrLupo goes to take a peak, and finds several unannounced examples of these Gun Screen cosmetics, which are essentially small digital displays that you can bolt onto your weapon.

Similar to the watches in Modern Warfare 2019, these Gun Screens will show you various bits of information. Some will display the date, time, and weather, while others appear to display certain in-game stats. It’s hard to tell from the symbols exactly what stats they’ll display, but it could well include individual kill tracking stats for the weapon you’re using.

These Gun Screens have not been announced or shown off in any gameplay or communications from Infinity Ward so far, and their incomplete icons and asset names suggest that they probably won’t arrive in the game on the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 1 release date next week.

What we do know for certain is how the new Warzone 2 Gulag will work, and how the reworked MW2 and Warzone 2 battle pass will have you earning in-game rewards and cosmetics.