Warzone 2 loadout drops are back on the menu and they’re dirt cheap

Wondering when you'll be able to buy loadout drops in Warzone 2? Well, it looks like you can right now - thanks to a bug that makes them ridiculously cheap, too

Warzone 2 buy loadout drops bug: an image of a soldier in green leaning with a gun

We know that there was quite a lot of concern coming from the Call of Duty community when Infinity Ward revealed that loadout drops weren’t going to be widely available in Warzone 2, but it looks like there might be plans to reintroduce that feature in the future. Why do we say this? Well, right now, Warzone 2 players can actually buy a Loadout Drop Marker from a Buy Station in Al Mazrah – and they’re also ridiculously cheap.

First shared on TikTok by Call of Duty content creator ‘ShockMcc’ and highlighted by Warzone 2 wizard ‘JGOD‘ on Twitter, it looks like you’ll be able to buy a Loadout Drop Marker from a Buy Station in Warzone 2 – just like before – and it costs $2000.

This is quite a lot cheaper than they were in the first Call of Duty battle royale shooter from Raven Software and further suggests that this is an in-game bug and not something of an intentional addition. If you’re struggling to get your hands on the best Warzone 2 loadouts, it might be worth jumping into Al Mazrah before this gets patched out – or patched in properly and the price is increased.

If you want to see the footage for yourself, you can find the TikTok uploaded to Twitter by Call of Duty content creator ‘HydroJT‘ here. But, it’s nothing too exciting as we’ve all seen people buy Loadout Drop Markers and call in loadout drops in Warzone before.

With the Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded release date almost upon us, could we really see something like buyable Loadout Drop Markers introduced to the battle royale so soon after its’ release without them? It’s hard to say, but even if you’re still able to unlock them through Strongholds, it seems like something the community wants.

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But, that doesn’t mean the community will get it – at least not yet. We think the current Warzone 2 system does have some merits; it has certainly stopped a meta developing quite as quickly as we were expecting – as more people have to rely on floor loot items in-game. However, the best Warzone 2 guns are still making themselves evident and dominating gunfights in Al Mazrah.

Warzone 2 has the potential to be one of the best competitive FPS games available right now – and it’s already challenging to be one of the best battle royale games out there at the moment. Are buyable Loadout Drop Markers really what this game needs, though? We just don’t know – but it’s what they seem to be getting.