Call of Duty Vanguard ranked dev says the mode’s “top offender” quit 280 games

Treyarch has just released new SR adjustments for Vanguard Ranked Play and 2% of players are set to be affected by the update - some more than others

Vanguard Ranked Play SR adjustment: Two images, both from Vanguard - one of Wade and one of Arthur

For a lot of players, there’s nothing worse than having someone on your team quit and disconnect during a Ranked Play match in Call of Duty Vanguard. Winning with a man down isn’t impossible, but it’s not easy and losing when you’re not at fault can be a tough pill to swallow. Thankfully, Treyarch is still committed to creating a fair ranked system in Vanguard and its latest SR adjustments are punishing some of the worst offenders when it comes to disconnects and quitting. According to one Treyarch dev, one player – named the “top offender” – is going to lose 2,000 SR when they play Ranked next.

Following the addition of disconnect penalties on February 28, Treyarch has introduced a new set of adjustments that target “players who disconnected from a significant number of matches prior” to the addition of this punishing feature.

“New Ranked Play SR adjustments are rolling out for players who disconnected from a significant number of matches prior to the disconnect penalties added on Feb. 28th”, says Treyarch. “Why are we doing this? To keep a level playing field & prevent players from purposefully leaving matches.”

Treyarch has also revealed that “the top offender has disconnected [over] 280 times since Ranked Play’s launch” on February 17. “Enjoy your -2000 SR loss, chief. We hope it was worth it” is the message from the devs. The revelation that this player is going to lose 2,000 SR for their actions suggests that this is the maximum punishment for players with a significant number of disconnects.

Why is this the upper limit? Well, Treyarch’s Ranked Play update from March 2 actually detailed how much SR a player would lose when they disconnect. The first quitter is penalised -50 SR, and any subsequent leavers will be penalised -25 SR. With this in mind, it looks like Vanguard’s “top offender” got off lightly – they could have lost over -9000 SR.

The decision to punish early offenders has been largely supported by fans online, but there are still players reporting SR issues and airing their concerns when it comes to server disconnects affecting their SR unfairly.

It’s clear that Treyarch’s work on Vanguard Ranked Play is far from done, and we expect to see more updates in the future addressing the issues around SR gain and loss. If you’re looking to jump into Ranked Play, though, you should check out our guide to the best Vanguard Ranked loadouts here – it’s never a bad idea to be prepared.