Twitch streamer pulls off chaotic MW3 trickshot without a controller

Highrise is home to some of Call of Duty's iconic trick shot spots, and now, Twitch star DeanoBeano sets a new bar in MW3 with nothing more than his mouth.

MW3 deanobeano twitch

We’ve all attempted to pull off some daring feats in Call of Duty over the years, and leaping off the crane in Highrise is one of them. The classic MW2 map returns in the MW3 beta, and naturally, players are trying to replicate those nostalgic days once more. Now, Twitch streamer ‘DeanoBeano’ lays down a new standard, as they obliterate an unsuspecting COD player with a recorder.

Yes, a recorder, not a DualSense controller for the PS5 or Xbox Series S|X controller. Mapping each fluctuation of the recorder’s pitch to different movement directions and firing his weapon, the Twitch star manages to get onto the Modern Warfare 3 iteration of Highrise, and pulling off a no-scope after several failed attempts.

Though he briefly uses the assistance of traditional inputs to navigate the crane, the streamer sets up his position with a tuneful song, taking his chances with a deadly leap – finally hitting the shot. “Let’s go, let’s f***ing go, let’s f***ing go, oh my f***ing god, oh my f***ing god,” exclaims the streamer in disbelief. Often recording these clips in some of the best FPS games available, this is another bewildering feat to add to his repertoire. But can he land a 360 no-scope in the future?

You can see his initial attempts above, tinkering with every use of his trusty recorder. The MW3 beta is already full of some pretty competitive players, but honestly, you can’t even be mad that you potentially just got decimated by a recorder. This is one for the Call of Duty trick shot hall of fame.

The Twitch star went viral back in 2020, after eliminating Modern Warfare (2019) players with a drum kit. Similar to his recorder setup, the streamer tweaks each part of the kit to alter aspects like FOV, experimenting with his precision in a painstaking process to finally hit his opponents. There is something magical about using the crash and ride cymbals to blast away another player.

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However, if you’re not bothered about taking up an instrument for your Modern Warfare 3 matches, we’ve got you covered for the ongoing beta. As this is your first taste of MW3 multiplayer, you’ll be trying out all the weapon classes to find a true titan. Well, look no further than MW3 MCW loadout, which is already proving to be an excellent addition across iconic maps such as Favela, Rust, and Skidrow.