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MW3 Deadpool skin leaks are cool, but we miss Fortnite Wolverine

With Deadpool and Wolverine hitting the big screen soon, it looks like Modern Warfare 3 is gearing up for some Call of Duty Marvel skins.

MW3 Deadpool Wolverine: An image of Deadpool and Wolverine, and Captain Price in Call of Duty MW3.

There’s a lot of riding on Deadpool and Wolverine right now, as it could be the saving grace the MCU needs right now. Aside from attempting to dominate the box office later this month, it looks like a MW3 Deadpool skin could be in the works, according to these fresh Call of Duty leaks. Although, we’d rather Fortnite resurrect its long vaulted Wolverine skin.

According to Call of Duty leaker ‘TheRedZipiT’, the YouTuber reveals what is claimed to be unreleased finishing move animations for a potential Modern Warfare 3 Deadpool and Wolverine skin bundle in Sledgehammer’s FPS game. The animations in question are undoubtedly Deadpool-centric, with the character’s distinct sassy attitude and posture akin to Ryan Reynolds shining front and center. Meanwhile, Wolverine’s animations are as you’d expect: super aggressive.

Should this bundle come to fruition (c’mon, it will), you can expect to throw people around the multiplayer game’s maps like a Frisby as the grizzled fan favorite X-Men member. It is a little disappointing to see there aren’t any finishing moves involving Wolverine’s Adamantium claws, as most of his animations look too similar to the recent Kong x Godzilla crossover bundles. Whether this bundle will also come alongside a Deadpool and Wolverine inspired game-mode is unclear, but we’re expecting another title to handle those duties.

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Don’t get us wrong, we love sliding around Modern Warfare 3, using wild finishing moves and the best MW3 loadouts to decimate our foes. But if there is any PS5 or Xbox game that has a rightful place for some wild Marvel collaborations, it has to be Epic Games’ ever-popular battle royale game Fortnite.

After all, Fortnite has included several notable events that directly involve Marvel as touchstones of Fortnite lore. Unless Sledgehammer includes Adamantium Claws as a melee weapon blueprint, we’re pinning our hopes on Epic Games unvaulting the brilliant Chapter 2 Season 4 Wolverine skin.

The skin was originally released in August 2020, but its exclusivity to specific Wolverine challenges at the time have kept it placed as one of the game’s rarest cosmetics. Please Epic, just unvault for a day. Until either of these exciting crossovers happen, you can check out the best Marvel games to get your superhero fix in the meantime.

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