Call of Duty squad set a new Warzone record with 78 kills

The Warzone kill record keeps rising

With 150 players parachuting their way into each game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Warzone, there’s plenty of opportunity to rack up a decent amount of kills. But, it’ll be pretty tricky to get near this insane body count.

After The Loadout reported on March 13 that Twitch streamer TMemorry and his team set the record at 57, the three man squad of Zepa, Lymax, and Micka have since established themselves as the most kill-hungry trio in Warzone after posting evidence of a game which totalled a mind-blowing 73 eliminations. But they weren’t done there, as just a couple of hours later they beat their own record by taking out over half the lobby with an insane 78 kills.

After each dropping in different locations around the map to take on squads single-handedly and rack up as many kills as possible, the trio reconvene to prepare for the endgame on the outskirts of Airport, clinching the victory and that ridiculous kill record. It is insanely impressive that not even a week after it was launched squads are already finding ways to wipe out over half the lobby.

If trios want to beat this monster record, however, they may need to act quickly. A lot of feedback from players has suggested that Loadout Drops, which allow you to access your own custom classes and perks, are far too overpowered and easy to obtain, with a drop only costing $6,000 in cash. It also allows every member of a squad to access their classes, which means for just $2,000 a player you can get your hands on your favourite weapons.

If Loadout Drops are nerfed in the near future, by either being made more expensive to obtain or potentially being single use only, it could make these kind of kill records much harder to achieve.

For now though let’s celebrate Zepa, Lymax, and Micka’s achievement… And pray we’re never in their lobby.